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Blog Posts

What's in My Bag?

Jennifer Gatz

BUCO Handbags designer, Miriam Jesselli lets us take a peek in her tote...Always on the go, whether it be overseas to source new fabrics or to New York City for a show, Miriam keeps all her necessities within arms reach.

1. The Bag
Go big or go home!  I always carry a large tote, never a purse.
Today’s pick is a BUCO Sunflower tote in white. It's versatile and durable to fit wherever the day takes me - the office or to the pool - styled with a fun flower pattern and bright orange interior.

2. Everything Has its Place
Organization is key, so I always have a few leather pouches like a makeup case (never wear makeup, but just in case) a wristlet to hold all my chargers, and a BUCO wallet to hold business cards and cash.

3. Tech-Savvy
My iPad and Samsung camera are musts! I never know when I will need to snap a picture of something that inspires me.

4. Beauty Basics
I rarely wear makeup, but love my ByTerry lip gloss. Since I am always meeting with people, fresh breath and clean hands are important, so mints and hand sanitizer are must- haves too.

5. No Fuss Accessories
Three things I always stash in my bag... my eye-bobs, hair clips to keep this mane up in the Florida heat and a fashion scarf to take the chill out   when the A/C is on.

An Interview with Miriam Jesselli

Jennifer Gatz

BUCO Handbags founder and designer, Miriam Jesselli was proudly featured this month on branding agency's blog. Her mission? To answer five simple questions about business, the passion behind her brand and what motivates her to get out of bed in the morning. To see how Miriam answered, take a read below...

Name | Miriam Jesselli

Company | BUCO Handbags

Years in Business | 9 years

1 | When did you consider yourself a success? My second year in business.

2 | What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? Going to the gym to have a fresh start to the day. This motivates me further to produce the work that I am passionate about.

3 | What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?  I'd like to learn a whole bunch of languages. Learning another language opens up so many different opportunities, and it breaks down barriers.

4 | How would your friends describe you? Hard-working, never giving up, strong, creative and giving.

5 | What is your favorite quote? "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself..."

ding, ding, ding! bonus question | If you could witness any event of the past, present, or future, what  would it be? What technology is going to be like in 150 years... and how it will affect everyday living.

Spring is Blooming! 3 Must-Have Handbag Trends

Miriam Jesselli

Start transferring your essentials over to a bag with big dose of character -- dainty, oversized and embellished carry alls are ready to take you through the warmer months. We've gathered our top three favorite trends spotted during fashion week and handpicked a few unique BUCO bags that will take you from the runway to the 'realway.'


Perfectly fresh and springy, leather appliqués in the same shade as the bag itself, floral appliqués of a different material, and floral prints were spotted all over bags on the fashion runways. As always our signature laser cut patterns take center stage but this season they have been joined by 3D flowers and butterflies - resulting in a soft, delicate look and feel. Channel a 60's mod vibe with our pastel Small Multi-Butterfly Tote.


It seems that good things actually do come in small packages...designers fell in love with teeny-weeny bags this season - the smaller the better! Join the tiny bag movement by treating yourself to our adorable Leather Champagne Pop Crossbody.


Don't worry, we haven't forgotten all you gals who like to carry totes that are larger than life. Oversized totes and duffles are still all the rage - making it easy to carry around everything (literally everything!) you need for day and night. Our Weekend Spa Bag is proof that you can never have too much of a good thing! 

Survive Winter in Style with These 4 Handbag Trends

Miriam Jesselli

Happy 2017, BUCO fans! A new year means a clean slate, a fresh start. In the fashion world this translates as the ideal time to take a peek in your closet to see where you stand trend-wise. While our airy and whimsical Spring 2017 collection is already up and ready to buy here on our site, we are still crushing on the incredible selection of Fall and Winter bags (just waiting for someone to snatch them up before these must-have styles sell out) available at 40% OFF! Yes, you read that correctly -- 40% Off!

But before you visit our sale section, scroll below for our list of top handbag trends to take you from fall through winter. We guarantee that you'll fall in love with them all!


Metallic glimmer and shimmer seems to make an appearance on the catwalk every year. Whether it is gold, silver or rainbow, make sure it shines! Scoop up our signature 'Ashlea' Lace Tote here!


Want to show some power and fortitude, add some chains to your daily attire. An iguana print with tassel detail and chain strap give our Small Iguana Bag an exotic, modern update.


For the new generation, who is always on the run, an oversized bag is essential to making it through the day. Extra-large satchels and shoppers can accommodate it all - laptops, tablets, workout gear and more. Grab our vintage-inspired Suede Fringe Satchel.


For your hands-free leisure, crossbody bags are still in this season. Mini bags are perfect for running errands, but larger bags can be great for the office. We are almost cleaned out of these functional and fashionable gems, but you can still indulge in our 3-in-1 Embossed Snake Skin Crossbody Bag -- get it before it's gone!

Stay warm & happy shopping!

xoxo Miriam

Peace, Love & Personalization!

Miriam Jesselli

As we celebrate Christmas, Chanukah and everything in between, monogramming remains one of the most thoughtful ways to commemorate a special occasion.  

In fact, personalizing a gift shows that the "gifter" put in a little extra time and thought before clicking the 'Add to Cart' button. But, before you go monogram crazy, there are a few rules of etiquette to observe. 

We bring you a crash course in monogramming styles and traditions (via our friends at Who What Wear):

1) Traditional. The traditional format is built with the first, last, and middle initial of the individual’s name. With the surname initial appearing slightly larger in the center.

2) Three Initial. The format is the same as traditional, but a three-initial monogram can appear with all three letters the same size.

3) One Letter. There are no formal guides for proper etiquette with one-letter monograms. Either the initial of the first or last name is selected. This monogram offers flexibility, as it can be larger than a traditional one.

4) Two Letter. The beauty of a two-letter monogram is that it’s more of an art form. When capturing an individual’s first and last name, or a couple with two different surnames, the initials appear interlocked equally.

And, lastly...

5) Married vs. Single. A woman’s monogram typically follows the format of first, middle, and last initials. A married woman’s monogram traditionally reads first initial, maiden name initial, and married surname initial. If the married woman has a hyphenated last name, the first initial of the last surname would be used as it would match her spouse’s monogram and is proper etiquette.